Monday, 25 November 2013

L'Oreal Paris - Nude Magique Eau De Teint Foundation

I used to be a big fan of heavy coverage foundations in the winter, but recently I have found myself searching for the perfect lightweight base. My skin feels so much better when using a lighter foundation and I seem to breakout a lot less.

When I saw L'oreal's nude magique foundation advertised I new I had to try it out. It claims to be lighter than water and offer a natural matte finish. I picked this up in boots for £9.99 but you can find it here online.

The shade range isn't that amazing, with only six different shades to chose from. I have fairly light skin and the lightest shade porcelain fits my skin tone pefectly. If you have really light skin I'm not sure if this may be too dark as I am not usually the lightest shade when it comes to foundations.

It is a small bottle but a little is supposed to go a long way. To use you need to shake the bottle well before applying it as this helps mix the foundation together. This is the runniest, most liquidy foundation I have ever tried. You wouldn't be able to tip it out and apply it to the back of your hand without it going everywhere! I use the technique suggested which is putting my (clean!) finger over the opening of the bottle and tipping a drop onto my finger. This dispenses almost the right amount, so I have to repeat this step a few times. I think this foundation would work better with a pipette type applicator as you could then drop out the amount you needed.

The coverage of this foundation is super light. I can't tell I have any foundation on and I feel like my skin can breath when wearing this. You can't really build it up to be higher coverage so if you don't like light coverage foundations then I really wouldn't reccommend this. I like the finish, I feel it's just the right amount of coverage to cover my redness but doesn't make my skin feel clogged. It dries to a completley matte finish, I didn't look shiny and it looked really natural.

If you like high coverage foundations then I think you wouldn't like this foundation. If you like a lighter coverage but still want your skin to look natural & to beat shine then this is a really really nice foundation.



  1. This sounds really interesting and I'm torn whether to buy it or not, but have heard that on dry skin it's very powdery and cakey. I think I might give it a go though, because it's a great price and isn't like anything else in my collection

    Claire | AgentSmyth

    1. I have normal/oily skin and it works well for me, but I have also read reviews which have said this isn't the best for dry skin. It's lovely and light though and gives a really nice natural finish xx

  2. I would love to try this foundation but I'm quite pale. The lightest colour might still be too dark for me! I'll have to check it out next time I'm in Boots x

    1. I don't have a really pale complexion, but I am the lightest shade. If it does fit your skin tone I'd recommend it as it's a really nice light foundation x

  3. My hand keeps hovering over this product when I am in Boots. Maybe next time I should just go for it! x


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