Friday, 29 November 2013

instajunction photo book


I love instagram, I like how it makes my pictures look beautiful and proffesional. It's amazing how a simple filter can make such a difference to the photo.

I love looking over my instagram feed but I have always wanted to have hard copies of the photos I have taken. I came across the Instajunction website the other day and immediatley got excited. They offer a variety of ways to print out your instagram photos, you can create photobooks, stickers, magnets, wall decals, polaroid style print out cards and even charm bracelets!

I really like photobooks, I think they are a nice way of keeping all my photos together. I decided to create a large photo book for the reasonable price of £8.99 for 50 photos. I'm really happy with how it's turned out - each photo is printed on thick, matte card and the quality of the photos has come out really nicely. It comes in a spiral bound book with a clear plastic cover.

I have displayed my book on my desk, and am enjoying looking thorugh it when I need a bit of cheering up. It's a nice way to preserve memories through the photos I've taken.

In my order I also received a 15% off code to give to friends. Seeming as you guys are my online friends I thought you might like to take advantadge of this code: FR10BT6X. It gives you 15% off your first order and it's valid till midnight 31st December.

You can find the link to instajunctions website here.



  1. That's so lovely, printing photographs makes them that little bit more special <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. It's a lovely way of keeping memories, I'm really pleased how its turned out :) xx


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