Saturday, 12 October 2013

Time for Tea! #2 Tesco Finest Green Tea and Jasmine

Today's time for tea features the tesco finest green tea with jasmine, priced at £2.89 and available in tesco stores.

The benefits of drinking green tea are endless and it is known to have countless health benefits. I find it reduces my stress levels and makes my skin a lot brighter. I do tend to find pure green tea a little on the bitter side so it's nice to have the added bonus of real Jasmine flowers in the bag. Tesco have recently re-vamped their finest range and they have also gone down the same route as Teapigs by using biodegradable pyramid shaped tea bags which allow the tea to infuse better and move around more in the water. I usually brew this tea for about 3 minutes as I like mine to taste fairly strong.

It has a lovely delicate floral aroma and taste, the jasmine flowers add a lovely perfume to the green tea and it always seems to help me slow down a bit and stress a bit less. If you like floral flavours and fancy a change from plain green tea then this might be a good one to try!


Rachie xx



  1. I love trying new types of tea which means that one of the kitchen cabinets is just stuffed with different varieties. Anything with ginger is my thing :O). Xx

    1. Ooh I don't think I've ever tried a tea with giner in it, I shall have to put that on my list! :) xx

  2. im so obsessed with green teaa lol!

    1. I've really started to like green tea with things added to it, It makes me feel a lot healthier when I'm drinking it! xx


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