Monday, 14 October 2013

Body Shop Tea Tree Primer

I picked this primer up recently and featured it in this haul post on my blog. I have given it a bit of a try now and wanted to share my thoughts with you all, The body Shop Tea tree primer is, as the name suggets part of its tea tree line.

Tea tree is said to do wonders for the skin, and I am a big fan of tea tree as I think it plays a massive part in keeping my skin clear. I also LOVE the smell. Theres something so nice, natural and yummy about tea tree.

The consistency of the primer is that it's quite thick, and a little goes a long way, I usually apply this to my cheeks & T-zone, applying a little more to this area as this is where I tend to get a little bit more oily.

It smells of pure tea tree, it is quite a stong smell and I can smell it on the skin for a little while after application. If you are not a fan of tea tree then this might put you off a little. For me, it is a happy bonus! Another really nice thing about this primer is that it gives a nice cooling sensation to the face.

In terms of performance, it mattifies my skin almostly instantly and helps keep my make up in place for all of the time I'm at work (which is about 9 hours). I'm really impressed with this primer - it keeps my makeup in place, smells amazing & mattifies my skin. It is marketed as a pore minismiser, but I haven't really used it for this purpose so unfortunatley I can't comment on those claims.

Priced at £7.50 and available in body shop stores & online here.

Rachie x



  1. Nice Inspiration!!!


  2. I've never used or considered primer until I read this post, and the price is reasonable! I think I may pick it up.

    1. I'm really enjoying using it - the smell alone is incredible! xx


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