Thursday, 7 March 2013

OOTD Rosy Glow...

Cardigan: £15.00 Hollister Clearance section:
I am in love with the colour of this cardigan, it instantly brightens my mood - its an open weave cardigan with no buttons
so it retains an open casual style. 

Top: £4 Primark:
I loved the design of this top, its bright and colourful but still has a slightly edgy look which helps to keep my cardi 
looking casual, it is sleeveless and is low cut under the arms - this will look cute in the summer with a bandeau underneath it.

Jeans: around £30 Hollister Clearance section:
These jeans are a favourite of mine, they are so comfy and I like the cut out detailing - they look stylish and scruffy at the same time, a look I really like. 

Shoes:£6 Primark:
I love my converse but don't love the price of them, enter these babys from primark - they're  a lovely colour for springtime and a right good bargain!

Rachie xx 


  1. I love your top gonna have to go hunting for it now LOL xx

    1. Its such a bargain... I hope you find it! :) xx


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