Thursday, 21 February 2013

OOTD, Berry Lovely...

Today I wanted to share my OOTD with you, I'm probably going to be doing these posts on a weekly basis as I only tend to wear my own clothes on my days off from work as I usually live in pj's/sweats in the evenings and weekends. Today I went to pick up some groceries from Sainsbury's so I stuck to my usual uniform of comfort first! 

Jumper: New Look £8 in the sale - I love the colour of this jumper and also the length and bagginess of it, but the sleeves are fitted which helps make it look fitted but still retains a nice casual style. 
Leggings: Zara £19.99 - These are my go to leggings, since Christmas I may have overdone it on the chocolate a bit so I like the fact that these leggings are high waisted which helps to keep all my lumps and bumps in check. They have a seam down the front which adds a nice bit of detailing. 
Scarf: Primark £4 - I am a scarf addict, I am literally obsessed with scarves and I love how they can add a new dimension to an outfit, this beige bird scarf from primark is a current favourite of mine. 

Rachie xxx


  1. That scarf is really pretty! I'll look out for it on my trip to Primark today!

    Sophie xx

  2. It's a lovely scar! :) such a bargain too - I hope you find it! :) xxx


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