Friday, 22 February 2013

NO7 Cleansing Brush...

No7 Cleansing Brush 

I have seen many of my favourite Youtube beauty gurus rave about the clarasonic mia and how it has done wonders for their skin I loved everything about it and excitedly researched into making a purchase myself - until I saw the price, there is no way I could afford to spend £100+ on a skin cleansing brush at the moment, I'm looking at moving closer to my boyfriend soon so I 
need to be thinking about putting my savings towards that. So I sadly put the mia down on my savings wishlist and tried to forget about it for now... 

Imagine my delight when a few weeks ago whilst browsing boots I saw that no7 have come out with their alternative to the clarasonic and it was such a more purse friendly price, It was on offer for £15 and I had a no7 skincare voucher at the time so I got this little bad boy for a bargainous £9.99. I had a little play with the display in the shop and what sold this for me was how soft the bristles are - I always imagined the bristles on these type of cleansing brushes to be quite rough so I was pleasantly surprised to find them to be so soft. The clarasonic comes with a rechargeable battery and the no7 cleansing brush runs off AA batteries (which are included) I was worried about the battery life of the no7 but I have been  using this brush daily for the past three weeks and the batteries are still going strong! 

It has two speed settings, one for daily use and a faster setting that I use once weekly for a deeper cleanse. I have personally found that using the slower of the two speed settings daily has done great things for my skin, I have combination/oily skin and I have found that my skin is able to cope with daily use. It is not recommended that you use this product if you have dry or sensitive skin. I was worried that daily use would be too harsh on my skin but I have been getting on fine with using it everyday. 

Since I have started using this product I have noticed that my skin is noticeably softer, and that it has helped to banish any impurities from my skin, No7 say that this brush is 7 times more powerful than manual cleansing, they recommend you use a no7 melting gel cleanser or their foaming cleanser but I have found my superdrug tea tree foaming cleanser works nicely. I have also read online that soon you'll be able to buy replacement brush heads at £8 for a pack of two. 

What do you think of this product? 
Rachie xxx

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