Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Winter Warmers...

In the winter time there's nothing I like more than a nice warming cup of tea. Theres just something amazing about how a nice cup of herbal tea can make you feel and today I'm going to be sharing some of my winter favourites.

Pukka Three Mint
Organic peppermint, spearmint & fieldmint to refresh & sooth digestion.
My thoughts:
I am a huge fan of peppermint tea, I love how refreshing it is whilst still making me feel warm and cosy, This has to be the best peppermint tea I've ever tried, it is just SO minty the spearmint adds and amazing cooling feeling whilst helping to aid digestion - I find this tea helps to alleviate nausea and can also help if I'm feeling anxious. 

Waitrose Love Life Camomole, Limeflower & Lavender
Floral and Fragrant, with a hint of lemon
My Thoughts:
This is one of my more unusual teas, before I purchased this I had never seen lavender used in tea before but I have to say once I got over the initial ooh this is a bit odd feeling I really enjoy this tea. I usually have a cup of this at work in the afternoon as if I'm feeling stressed the chamomile helps to calm me down, you can definatley taste the lavender and seeming as this is a scent I love I thoughroughly enjoy having it in my tea, however if your not a fan of lavender then this may be a bit overpowering. 

Celestial Sleepytime Herbal Tea
A soothing blend of chamomile, mint and flavoural herbs. 
My Thoughts:
This is my go to night time tea, I love having this whilst I'm reading a book before bed. The tea contains extracts of tilia flowers which are said to help aid sleep, I'm not sure if this tea does actually help send me to sleep but I do feel more comforted and relaxed after drinking this, being a mainly mint based tea means that this is a delicious tea. 

Clipper Organic White Tea
A light, delicious and highly refreshing tea made from the buds and young leaves of the tea bush. 
My Thoughts:
I have to admit, whilst I love herbal and fruit teas I can't stand standard tea with milk in it, If i do have this sort it usually has to be so strong you could stand a spoon up in it! But I've recently discovered white tea, this is drunk without milk but I find it makes the perfect standard cup of tea for me - It doesn't taste like the usual cup of tea, its a bit more floral but is lovely and refreshing and not as strong as having black tea on its own. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I love tea in the autumn and winter and wanted to share my favourites with you all :) 

Do you have any tea suggestions I could try?

Lots of Love Till Next Time...
Rachel x

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