Monday, 22 October 2012

Book of The Week... Love Always

This week's book of the week is: 

Love Always

By Harriet Evans

The Blurb:
As Natasha Kapoor travels back to Cornwall for her Grandmother's funeral, she has no idea what fate holds in store. Not only is her life in crisis - her marriage and her business both under threat - but there is a secret hidden at Summercove, the family's beautiful house by the sea. Natasha has never known the truth about the tragic accident that killed her aunt Cecily, years ago and when she finds Cecily's diary written during that long, hot summer, the past and present start to collide.
Back in London can Natasha start over, find love again and heal her family's past? Are the answers she seeks hidden too deep, or are they right in front of her? 

Price & Place:
 RRP: 7.99, I got my copy as always from my local library but it can be purchased on amazon here

My Thoughts:
I loved the style in which this book was written, I thought switching between the past and present was really original - it added to the mystery of Cecily. I found myself desperately trying to work out how the story was going to pan out for myself and the way Harriet Evans managed to weave both the past and present together to tie in some of the problems Natasha was facing was really clever. This book had me gripped from start to finish and I thought the storyline was both original and genuinely touching.

In a Nutshell:
I really loved this gripping book, I found myself wanting to know what had happened to Natasha's family and how the events of this summer would tie in with Natasha's current life. Harriet Evans managed to produce a thrilling book whilst maintaing a sense of reality and how different people cope with things and how things may not always be as they seem.

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