Sunday, 9 September 2012

Monu Skin Perfector...

The Lowdown:
A weightless skin perfector cream, which instantly smoothes imperfections and enhances natural radiance as it glides onto the skin. Contains energising bergamot and neroli essential oils. Paraben free. 

Price & Place:
17.50 for 50ml Available online.

My Thoughts:
I originally got this in one of my Glossybox’s  and I have been using it steadily ever since. I didn’t pay full price for this product - only 12.95 for the glossy box so I’m trying to factor that into my review. 
This is a moisturiser/primer hybrid as on the packaging it says its supposed to provide a smooth base for makeup. I absolutely adore the smell, I love anything herbal smelling - for me, there’s just something unexplainably amazing about natural plant based scents and I especially like these scents in skincare products. 

In terms of how to use this product I use it mainly as a moisturiser in the day. The gel like formula isn’t heavy and really does live up to the claim that it glides onto the skin, it does take a little while to sink in but once it does my skin feels smooth, clean and it provides a wonderful cooling sensation. I don’t think this works too well as a primer, when used on its own under my foundation I didn’t notice a difference in terms of staying power for my foundation. It claims to have soft focus technology that helps to reduce fine lines but to be honest I didn’t notice any difference in this either but this may be due to the fact that I have ‘young’ skin. If you are wanting a lightweight moisturiser and are a fan of plant based scents then I would highly recommend this, but in terms of priming my face for foundation application and reducing the appearance of fine lines I can’t say that this product did any of that for me. 

In a Nutshell:
At 17.50 this is quite a pricey moisturiser, however I love, love, love the scent and the way it feels on my skin. As to whether I will re-purchase? I’m not sure, something is stopping me and I do think it is the price. However, I do think it really is a gorgeous product and Monu isn’t a brand I’ve heard of before so I’m really pleased Glossybox introduced me to them! 

Did anyone else get this in their Glossybox? What are your thoughts?

Lots of Love Till Next Time…
Rachel x


  1. I have nominated you for a liebster, xxx Laura

  2. Thank you so much! It means the world to me that you enjoy my blog :)

  3. thank u for following me . gona read your blog with nice co of tea

  4. I've just been sent some Monu products to review, and am very much looking forward to after reading your review. I do have a few lines on my forehead so hopefully it will reduce these :D


    1. I adore the scent of this product, I hope you like them as much as I do! :) xxx


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