Sunday, 26 August 2012

MUA undressed Palette...

The Lowdown: 
Wow! Try MUA Pro’s fantastic 12 shade palette, ranging from pretty nudes to smouldering metallic’s. 

Price and Place:
 4 pounds from superdrug stores and online

My Thoughts:
I am a MAJOR MUA fan. I think every single product of theirs I’ve tried I have loved, cheap cheerful and amazing quality - what’s not to love?

I already own the MUA heaven and earth palette and I use that every sing day. I’m a neutrals kinda girl - yes I know that’s pretty boring but to be honest I’m not usually brave enough to stray away from my old faithfuls! This lovely palette contains 10 shimmer & 2 matte shades demonstrated below:

The pigmentation of the matte shades is a little disappointing however, the shimmers are fantastic quality and I am highly impressed with them. The range of shades gives me a lot of versatility to create different neutral eye looks and I like to use this alongside my day to day heaven and earth palette to create new combinations. The only colour I’m not too sure of is shade 12 (the last shade in the pan) I’m just not too sure how I would wear it as it’s a strange bluey grey colour., I think I’m going to have to step out of my comfort zoned and be brave and have a play around with it! 
The fact that this palette is only 4 pounds is absolutely incredible value for money, I tend to feel a bit of a guilt twinge when spending a lot on makeup so this is good on both my purse and conscience! It’s the perfect way to try out new shade and looks without the hefty price tag that can come with other offering from different brands. 

In a Nutshell: 
For 4 pound the price, quality and pigmentation is incredible - It makes me feel like I’m using really expensive products when in fact I’ve spent less than a fiver on 12 different shadows. MUA is fast becoming my go to brand when it comes to eyeshadows as the just seem to always hit the nail on the head.   

What do you guys think of MUA? People have been comparing this to the naked2 palette from Urban Decay - what are your thoughts on this? Is it a good comparison? 

Lots of Love Till Next Time…
Rachel x


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