Friday, 4 May 2012

Save vs Splurge...

If you, like me love a bargain then this feature will be for you, sometimes - mainly towards the end of the month when my purse is feeling the pinch I love to hunt out bargains that could save me a tonne of money when comparing them to 'high end' products.
this weeks save vs splurge is MUA vs. MAC eyeshadows.

MUA can save you some serious pennies when compared to MAC. MUA shadows retail at a bargainous £1 per shadow, whereas a MAC shadow will set you back at £11.50.

WINNER? SAVE due to the phenomenal price difference - MUA saves you a whopping £10.50 so they are very impressive.

Pigmentation & Finish:
Both offer seriously good levels of pigmentation, just a light swipe of each will give you really good quality colour payoff, MUA's pearl formula offers a really lovely effect when on the eyes and it also offers a matte formula for a few of its shades. Whereas MAC offers a variety of finishes which can be perfect for creating different looks.

Winner? SPLURGE, due to the fact that mac provides excellent pigmentation and a variety of finishes which makes them better for creating different makeup looks.

Colour Range:
MUA offers 20 different colours in its range all of which I believe are very wearable. MAC offers way more than MUA and you have a mixture of beautiful neutrals and a lot more 'unusual' colours that I wouldn't ever purchase unless I wanted to create a specific look.

Winner? SAVE, I think MUA pips MAC when it comes to its colour range due to the fact that ALL of the colours in its range are really wearable and will suit most skin tones and eye colours.

Overall Winner?
MUA provides incredible quality eyeshadows for a fraction of the price of MAC, whilst they do lack in finishes they makeup for it in price (you could buy the whole range for £20 - that wouldn't buy you two MAC shadows) and pigmentation. However I do think that MAC eyeshadows are brilliant if you want a selected finish or colour (MAC does offer way more colours & finishes when compared to MUA). They are lovely to purchase as a pay day treat but MUA compares just as well in my opinion and they are much more affordable.

I hope you like this post :) how do you think MAC compares to MUA?

Lots of Love Till Next Time...
Rachel xxx

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