Sunday, 29 April 2012

Get Your Summer Body Out...

I've got a summertime review for you today - I'm reviewing Garnier Summer Body In Light. This is a gradual tanning lotion that slowly builds colour as you apply it on a daily basis.
I have been using this on a daily basis for the past two weeks and I have to say it's definitely given me a nice spot of colour.

It smells of apricots, which is lovely as I really wanted to add some colour to my paleness but I really didn't want to smell of biscuits (not good). However, I did notice that after a few hours there was a faint whiff of eau d'digestive, but nothing hugely off putting.

I will say if you are looking for a really deep wash of colour then this product isn't going to be for you as it only adds a subtle glow (there is a darker lotion available).
I started noticing the colour on my skin after about three days use and I found I needed to keep reapplying it everyday to keep the colour consistent and non-streaky.

I will offer this review with a word of warning however, I started using this product and then looked for reviews of it online and I noticed that some people have had awful reactions to this product - If you have sensitive skin I would stay far far away from it. I personally haven't had any problems but I realise this product isn't going to be right for everyone and everyone's skin reacts differently to it.

You can buy this product in superdrug & it's currently on offer for £2.53

Has anyone else tried this product?
What were your thoughts?
Lots of Love Till Next Time...
Rachel xxx


  1. I really want to get one of these moisturisers, I used to use them all the time when I was younger but have been a palester for years! Glad to hear this works too! xx

  2. I have just bought this beacuse it was on offer in Tesco, I do quite like the smell. I remember Johnsons Holiday Skin when that first came out 8 years ago or something and I hated that smell. x

  3. paperbacks and postcards - I was really impressed with it, it was just enough colour to make me look like i'd had some sun but not too much :) xx

    Nicole - What do you think of it overall? I really don't like the smell of most false tanners so I was really pleased to discover that this one smells pretty nice! xxx


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