Saturday, 6 August 2011

MAC Fashion Flower - Summer Shower...

The other day when I went into MAC in Milton Keynes I had a little look at their current fashion flower collection. This collection as many of you probably know, draws heavily from summer floral influences, and contains many pastel colours that you associate so much with spring and summer time.  I only picked up one lipstick from this collection and it was the most unusual of them all. It’s name is summer shower and on first sight in the bullet it looks a really unwearable pastel green as you will see from the pictures below: 

Mainly out of curiosity I picked this up and had a bit of a play and I was really pleasantly surprised to find that it is in fact a really wearable sheer colour with beautiful purple and blue reflects:

It looks stunning worn on its own and looks even better when layered over the top of a bright lippie. On closer inspection I found the reason for this sheer effect is due to this lipstick being a glaze formula. I am really pleased that it has come out in this sheer format as I think it makes it much more wearable and pretty. It’s such an unusual shade and I really like having it in my collection. This lipstick is priced the same as all other MAC lipsticks at £13.50.

What are your thoughts on the MAC fashion flower Collection?

Lots of Love Till Next Time… 
Rachel xxx

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