Sunday, 21 August 2011

Bourjois Volume Fast Rotating Mascara...

Hi guys!
I wanted to start by apologising in advance if I am absent for a few days - my family is moving and everything is all a bit up in the air at the moment, not sure how long it will be until I have the internet in my new home. 
In the meantime I thought I’d write a review on Bourjois volume fast rotating mascara, I picked this up a few weeks ago in Superdrug as I saw that they currently have an offer running where ALL of their mascaras are priced at £5.99 - massive, massive savings in terms of some mascaras. I picked up this one because I’ve wanted to try it for so long but haven’t wanted to pay the full price for it. 

The idea behind it is that it rotates both ways to allow for easier application and greater definition and volume. The tube looks long until you open it up and realise that the majority of the tube is taken up by the rotating mechanism, I personally thought I’d get more product, but I thought I could get past that if it lived up to it’s claims. 

The first time I used it? Disaster. 

I am no expert when it comes to applying make up so I don’t know if it’s just the way I applied it or not but the first time I tried to apply it, it ended up twisting my lashes round with it and it even pulled some out! :( I was left with mascara everywhere. All over my eyelid, in my eye and missing a fair few eyelashes. Not good. 

 Next time I tried it I decided that I needed a new approach and it wasn’t wise to hold it on my lashes and hope it would do it all for me as I had previously thought. So using little strokes I found that it produces a lovely result and when put on the other setting it separated my lashes really well and I was really pleased with the definition. 

Two weeks later and I’m getting so much better at applying this mascara, I’ve managed to get a technique for it where I don’t do myself an injury! And it does make my lashes look lovely and long. 
Would I repurchase? It depends, if this mascara was to go back on offer for £5.99 I may be tempted however, seeming as the full price is almost double the offer price there’s not a chance I’d repurchase due to the fact that it’s taken me so long to get the hang of it. This is only my personal opinion as someone with more experience with make up may get on with it better than a novice like me. 

What are your thoughts on this mascara? 

Lots of Love Till Next Time… 
Rachel xxx

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