Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lush Ice Blue...

Today I wanted to review a new soap I recently purchased from Lush. I was feeling a bit down and really wanted a nice pick me up, so I went for the amazingly pepperminty Ice Blue Soap: 

It's an amazing deep blue soap with Sea Salt particles within it. This soap smells a-mazing (I love the smell of peppermint so this was a real winner for me!) and the sea salt provides a little bit of exfoliation which is a bonus! It's priced at £2.79 per 100g and is available from lush stores or online here
My only negatives are that it can be incredibly difficult to get this soap to lather up really well, it took me a real effort to get some lather going, which I found a little disappointing. Also the scent seems to decrease  more and more after each use which is what drew me to it in the first place.
It does leave my skin feeling cooled and refreshed, something I'm in need of at the moment with all my late nights and early mornings. 

Has anyone else tried Ice Blue? 
What's you're favourite Lush Soap? 

Lots of Love Till Next Time... 
Rachel xxx


  1. Mm, I love sea salty stuff - thanks for the review. Will have to get this too :P


  2. It's amazing - i can't stop smelling it! lol xx

  3. Sounds good, I haven't tried this one before xx

  4. Great review- Lush has some lovely products x

  5. What a beautiful colored soap. I love LUSH though. being honest, their soaps are not my favorite thing. However, their bath bombs are!!! Love them

    Great review


  6. i like the bright pink one which smells really sickly sweet, i think it's called rockstar?! lovely post!xx


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