Sunday, 3 April 2011

Long time no see...

Firstly I wanted to say again I'm so sorry to you guys that I've been less than great at blogging lately, my dissertations due in soon so I've had hardly any time to blog or have time for myself - normal blogging will resume soon I promise! :)
Today I just wanted to talk to you about a little wonder product that I can't stop using lately, due to the late nights working on my dissertation I have been suffering with puffy eyes and dark circles. I stopped off in boots and picked up a cucumber eye gel: 

I've been using this gel day and night to help my dark circles and while I can't say it's shifted them it definitely has helped with the puffiness - what's even better about this is the price - an amazing £1.52! 
For this price you can't really go wrong, it's a lovely gel based product that has a pleasant smell that isn't overpowering or harsh on the eye area - this is one product I'd really recommend! 
Has any one else tried this product? 
What were your thoughts?
Lots of Love Till Next Time...
Rachel xxx


  1. ooh i might have to try this I love the boots essentials products

  2. OOh i might have to try this for the late nights to come working on my dissertation too :o x

  3. vikki-gabrielleworld - It was one of the only products I hadn't tried, I also love the range! x

    ForeverSweet89 - It's made me look more human after long nights working :) It has been a little wonder product for me! x

  4. I love boots products and love this gel, but I tend to only use before going to bed because I find it stays a bit to sticky if I apply before my foundation, concealer, etc xxx

  5. Hi Jo, yeah I have noticed that too, that's the only bad thing about it, I think the essentials range is amazing and I also love their products :) xxx


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