Monday, 14 March 2011

Nivea Radiantly Smooth Body Scrub...

Today I thought I'd share a body care product that I have been really liking recently. The product in question is Nivea's radiantly smooth body scrub: 

This body scrub is designed to remove dead skin cells and to leave the skin looking glowing and feeling softer. You use it twice a week as an exfoliant and I have noticed the difference as my skin definitely does feel smoother (not so sure on the radiant part though!) 
Below is a swatch which shows the consistency of the product and the exfoliating beads: 

 You can (just about) see the tiny exfoliating beads that are used to remove the dead skin cells on the body. What I really liked about this product was that it isn't too abrasive - It's one of those less 'scratchy' scrubs. The smell is lovely, a really clean, fresh smell. 
I would advise this product if you, like me suffer from dry skin and just want some skin softness and a product that is kinder on the skin.

Has anyone else tried this scrub? 
Do you have any good alternatives? 

Lots of Love Till Next Time..
Rachel xxx 


  1. The texture looks lovely! Thanks for this x

  2. it really is a nice gentle exfoliator, not too abrasive which was somthing I loved about it :) x

  3. The product looks great! I like how it doesn't seem too abrasive :)

  4. I was worried it would be really scratchy - but was really impressed with how gentle but effective it was! x


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