Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Natural Collection Lipstick...

I have already done a review on a Natural Collection Lipstick and to be completely honest I wasn't overly impressed by the staying power. However, I have fallen in love with one of their lipsticks and I'm so glad I went back and tried them again. 
The lipstick I'll be reviewing is the sheer natural lip colour in Sorbet: 

It's a gorgeous coral colour with tiny hints of shimmer, it is designed to add a subtle hint of colour to the lips and it looks lovely when applied. To be honest again the staying power isn't that amazing but it's nothing that a good lip primer can't fix :) 
Below is a swatch of the product on my hand: 

You can see the sheerness of sorbet and what a lovely colour it is. Whilst it is a 'sheer' lip colour I think it is really nicely pigmented so it adds a nice hint of colour while not being too overbearing. 
It is priced at £1.95 and is available from boots. Natural collection are also running a 3 products for £5 promotion at the moment, which means I will be heading back to boots as I really want to try their loose powder. 

What do you think of Natural Collection Lipsticks? 
Any one tried any of their other products - and do you have any recommendations? 

Lots of Love Till Next Time...
Rachel xxx


  1. That shade is lovely, especially for a natural look! x

  2. I wish we had these lipsticks here, they look so lovely! I have Pink Mallow and it's gorgeous x

  3. I've always thought Natural Collection makeup was lousy crap, but now I think I may just have to check out this colour!

  4. ForeverSweet89 - I like how it gave my lips a natural hint of colour as I'm not too keen on overpowering lippies x

    G A B Y - pink mallow is gorgeous! if you are ever interested in doing a swap let me know! :) x

    Musicalhouses - The colours can be a bit hit and miss but there are some beautiful shades available! x

  5. Thats a lovely colour! I'm trying to use up my collection tho, not add to it!


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