Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Anna Sui Dolly Girl Lil' Starlet...

Today I wanted to firstly apologise for my lack of regular postings recently - I am currently snowed under with uni work as my dissertations due in soon, I am trying to post as regularly as I can and I can only apologise for going AWOL lately. 
I also wanted to share a really lovely perfume that I recently purchased and wanted to review, it is Anna Sui Dolly Girl Lil' Starlet (mouthful and a half!) and looks like this: 

I have to admit, I'm not overly keen on the design of the bottle - she is a little scary looking if I'm honest but I do love the smell of this Eau De Toilette, it's so unusual! It contains hints of jasmine, melon, apple and cinnamon. It's a slight musky scent and it smells so lovely! It's not like any other I've tried. 
  If you can get past the slightly scary packaging I would really recommend this perfume as the scent is amazingly different. It's available at cheap smells for £14.95 :)

What do you guys think? 
Anyone else tried this perfume? 

Lots of Love Till Next Time... 
Rachel xxx

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