Monday, 28 February 2011

No7 Flawless Finish Sponges

Boots are currently offering £5 number seven vouchers when you spend over £5 in store. I wanted to get some new foundation sponges so I was pleased to discover that No7 have their own. 
The Sponges usually retail at £3.67 but if you have a £5 voucher then you can pick them up for free! 
this is what they look like:

The sponges are latex free and are shaped With a pointed and round end to allow for greater blending and application of foundation or concealer. 
These sponges really do deliver, they blend out my foundation really well and there's no risk of nasty 'tide' marks when using them. 
Best results are achieved by running the sponges under water and squeezing dry before use, this allows for better blending. This makes my foundation go further, I find I'm not using as much when using these sponges. Another bonus is that they are reusable as long as they are washed in warm soapy water. 

Has anyone else tried the flawless finish sponges? 
What do you think is the best sponge for applying foundation - are products such as the beautyblender as good as they are made out?  
I would love to hear your thoughts!

Lots of Love Till Next Time...
Rachel xxx

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