Sunday, 6 February 2011

Natural Collection Sheer Natural Lipstick...

Yesterday when I was shopping in boots I decided to try out one of the lipsticks in the Natural Collection range. At £1.95 I figured it wouldn't cause too much damage to my bank balance if it was rubbish...
I picked up the shade 'lotus' a nude shade with rose gold hues:

I really do apologise for the poor quality of the above pictures (my camera's broken... if any one has any suggestions of good digital cameras that would be a massive help?) 
The above swatch shows the rose gold tint really well, It really is a gorgeous shade. However, I was really disappointed with the staying power and pigmentation of this product. I put this on my lips with a good primer and an hour later there was no trace of the lipstick left! I was really surprised at how drying this lipstick was as well, Overall I loved the colour but hated the fact that I had to keep re-applying it every hour.
Even though this sounds like a negative review I think that I would purchase this lippie in another shade, mainly because they are only two pound and I'm quite interested to see if the pigmentation is any better in any other shade. 

Has anyone else tried Natural Collection Cosmetics? 
What are your thoughts? 

Lots of Love Till Next Time...
Rachel xxx


  1. I think some of the Natural Collection products are better than others.I have one that's awful and another that's really quite good. My mate found an amazing red, it was so pigmented.. i was shocked! Great review! x

  2. I've tried a few of the lippies without any luck. I think I'd save my monies for something more expensive but better value to be honest!


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