Thursday, 17 February 2011

MUA Blusher...

I am a really big fan of Superdrug's £1 range MUA. The products are always amazing quality for the price and there is a really good selection available. I wanted to try a blush from the range for ages so I finally got round to buying one, I got a blush in shade 01:

It's a really gorgeous light pink shade, It's not too heavy on the skin  and once blended creates a lovely flushed look. I have a medium skin tone and it looks lovely. This could look a bit clown like if your a bit too heavy handed! This is a swatch on the skin:

It's so pigmented and has real staying power -for a £1 this really is a must buy! They have 3 other shades available and the whole MUA line is priced at a £1. 

Has anyone else tried this brand?
What are your favourite MUA products?

Lots of Love Till Next Time...
Rachel xxx


  1. oh i didnt know they had a £1 range!! wow might check this out lol thanks xxx

  2. I love the MUA range, I haven't found anything I don't like yet. I did find the blush was a little bit to talc smelling but for a ound you cant complain. I love the pretty pink shade xxx

  3. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog :) I really appreciate it!



  4. Not sure we have this in the US... I haven't seen it anyway. But even today, I've read numerous blogs that have mentioned MUA. Looks like they have some nice products.

  5. @charlotte marie - It's such good value and the products are such good quality for the price :)

    @Jo Woods - I agree about the talc smell, but me being the strange girl I am I quite liked it :)

    @hardcore makeup junkie - that's ok lovely I really enjoyed reading it! looking forward to reading lots more!

    @Barbie - I don't think it's available in the US over here you can only get it in superdrug, They are really good quality nice products, do you have any brands similar to it in the US?

    thanks for your lovely comments girls - I really appreciate the fact you've taken time to read my blog! :) xxx

  6. That is a really lovely pink colour! It reminds me of NYX's Pinky. Gotta love bargain buys! :) I wish we had MUA over here :(

  7. @TaTa - It's such a gorgeous colour! Bargains are what makes me happiest! :) I know how you feel - it's so annoying! There quite a few brands I wish we could get in the UK!
    Thank you for your lovely comment!
    Rachel x


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