Thursday, 20 January 2011

Diet Coke and Nails Inc...

So when I was flipping through my magazine the other day I came across an article which explained that diet coke are yet again collaborating with nails inc. (Yay!)It's called the catwalk collection and they have launched 4 gorgeous new shades, these being Heavenly Heather Grey, Cool Caramel, Delicious Denim and Perfect Plum.
They are free when you buy two bottles of diet coke... So I excitedly hot footed it to my nearest boots and picked up the lovely heather grey shade as shown below:

I think it's an absolute steal considering that I paid roughly £2.40 for the polish and they usually retail at around £10 for one bottle.

The actual consistency of the product is surprisingly good, two coats was enough to give a lovely colour to my nails, it remained chip free for a good two days - which I was really impressed with!

Think I may head back down to boots and pick up the lot! :)

What do you think of these polishes? Will you be going to get some for yourself?

Lots of love till next time, rachel xx

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