Thursday, 13 January 2011

And so the rambling begins...

Hello to anyone who may be reading this... 
My name is Rachel, I am 20 years of age and am currently in my third year of uni... 
I have a bit of an addiction to beauty products - the more of a bargain I can get the better! 

I decided to start this blog as I thought I really should get myself a creative outlet, I thought about uploading videos to you tube but seeming as being in front of a camera is definitely not something I am able to do (I develop an inability to speak when a camera is placed in front of me) I thought I would turn back to an old favourite hobby of mine, and that is writing. Combining this love with all things beauty-related seemed like a pretty darn good idea!

I hope I can bring my experiences and views out into the blogging world - and I really hope you enjoy reading this blog, I will update as often as I can and please bear with me as I work out how to make my blog all shiny and pretty!

Lots of love till next time!
Rachel xx 

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